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See how real men start fires

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Most parents today say they are more savvy about gasoline than their own parents were. But for some people, old habits die hard. Maybe they grew up watching adults use gas to start fires. Or they might think it’s something “everybody” does.

The truth is, most parents don’t mix gas and fire. For one, parents (even the ones who do it) know it isn’t safe. But a major reason for lots of parents is they know their kids are watching.

Share the truth about gas and fire. Help us stop gas fires in your community.

How you can help

Share Austin's Videos

At 14, a gas fire changed Austin Bailiff’s life forever. These videos are a powerful tool for starting a conversation about gas and fire. Watch it together with your child, share it with another parent or post it on a social networking site.
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Send An Email

Many parents who use gas to start fires mistakenly think that most other people do, too. Send an email that gently sets the record straight. Enter the recipient’s email address below to get started.

Think Local

Take the StopGasFires message to PTA, scouting, church or other local groups. Or alert your local media about the problem. Visit our Organizers page for free downloadable materials and easy ways to spread the word in your community. You don’t have to be an organizer to get started.
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